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We have now been involved in the design and manufacture of high quality motocross brake discs for over 7 years. Through research and development we continually strive to produce the very best discs available on the market, at a competitive price for the customer. These stainless discs manufactured in the UK by Race Discs have been developed using cutting edge design and manufacturing technology. Through our R&D we have found that high quality stainless steel discs provide the best all round performance with no rust & reduced wear!

Race Discs use the latest laser cutting technology to provide precision replacement discs that you can simply bolt on and go!
Self cleaning; removing water, mud and grit as the discs rotate...see below:
The edges of our strategically placed holes and cutouts continually clean the pad/disc surface and inhibit the build up of gaseous pressure between the surfaces. In addition the edges provide more 'bite' and thus more braking force.
Our uniquely profiled designs, together with the holes and cutouts combine to create a lighter than standard disc which reduces angular momentum (torque or rotational inertia) of the wheel assembly as a whole.
Increased stopping power; since discs cool as they rotate due to the ventilating attributes of our unique wave design and disc cutouts.
Our stainless discs will always stay rust free and looking good...no matter what you put them through!!